This page contains a TIMELINE of Biographical information on the life of the 7th President of the United States of America, Andrew Jackson.

Andrew Jackson-Portrait

  • Andrew Jackson had "The Orangery" built at the White House (or the Executive Mansion - as it was known at the time)

    What was the Orangery? The Orangery was an early type of enclosed greenhouse where tropical fruit trees and flowers can be grown in the harsher and colder winters of Northern climates where delicate flowers, trees and plants cannot grow

  • As many Presidents do, Jackson added more trees to the grounds of the mansion, including the famous "Jackson Magnolia" which was planted in 1835

  • Andrew Jackson's inaugural reception became a bacchanal on the lawn of the Executive Mansion

  • Jackson apparently began his day with an early-morning swim "au-natural" in the nearby Potomac River (NOTE: there was no plumbing in the Executive Mansion at this time)

  • Skinny-dipping may have been just what Jackson needed to kick-off his day. It also gave him a daily bathe in the river

  • Jackson then usually followed with another morning activity of weeding and digging around in the White House gardens

  • In 1850, the noted landscape gardener and designer, Andrew Jackson Downing, whose namesake was that of the President, developed a landscape plan for the President’s House and the Mall

  • Sculptor Clark Mills’s famous equestrian statue of Andrew Jackson was unveiled in the center of Lafayette Park, in front of the White House, in 1853. There are four copies of the statue in the United States. It was the first equestrian statue made in America

  • One of the most famous copies of the General Andrew Jackson statue stands at the center of Jackson Square in New Orleans, LA. The square was named in honor of Jackson in 1815, the statue was erected in 1856. Other copies of the statue are on display in Nashville, TN and Jacksonville, FL

  • Jacksonville, FL and Jackson, MS are both named in honor of Andrew Jackson

  • Anyone could come to President Andrew Jackson's public parties at the White House, and just about everyone did! At his last one, a wheel of cheese weighing 1,400 lbs. was eaten in two hours. The White House smelled of cheese for weeks.

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