about me
graphic designer | architect | artist

since you landed on this page ... you want to know something about joseph jones:

  • love helping people realize their dreams for their business advertising needs
  • live and generally work in the region of charlotte, nc
  • love listening to music and taught myself to play guitar late in life ...
    (i'm not great, but i enjoy it)
  • draw, sketch, paint — usually, in reference to a need or a request
    (whatever the project demands)
  • eat toast (or oatmeal and fruit) for breakfast
  • sometimes add a slice of goat cheese to the toast
  • i am a caregiver

so, if you read though this, you now know seven things about me ...
seven — in typography, seven is the number with the most common glyph variation.

i work to provide my clients with personalized service to get solutions for their
advertising and graphic needs.
let's find out what i can do for you. what do you need?

need something to advertise your business, business cards, logos, a lecture flyer,
a brochure a special offering, a web graphic, an invitation, etc.

i believe that working together is always the best solution to meet your needs.
i'm always happy to drop my pencil, pen or mouse to find out how i can help.

my resume:

my current blog:

contact me: jfjonesjr@jfj-art.com