about me
graphic designer | architect | artist | joseph freeman jones, jr.

so, you want to know something about me:

  • a graphic designer ... a registered architect — who loves helping people realize their dreams and needs
  • eat toast (or oatmeal) for breakfast and sometimes add a slice of goat cheese to the toast
  • live and work in charlotte, nc — in the usa
  • produce work both by hand or electronically and of course have web + e-mail connections
  • can send work anywhere in the world that connects with me — it is great to be connected
  • draw, sketch, paint, but it's never about my ego, it's about what i can do to help
  • am a caregiver
  • so, if you read this, you now know seven things about me ...
    seven — is the number with the most common glyph variation — it means all
  • there are more than seven things —a lot more
  • contact me  ...   i'll be happy to drop my pencil, pen or mouse to discuss your needs

my resume:

my current blog:

for additional information on my work, commissioning pieces or to discuss your needs:
please contact me at: jfjonesjr@jfj-art.com
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