1882 - 1941
Photograph by Berenice Abbott

"Phall if you but will,
rise you must: and none
so soon either shall the
pahrce for the nunce
come to a setdown
secular phoenish."


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This website is a collection of information and sources about the Irish author and modern literary giant, James Joyce.

To many, Joyce, is considered to be a towering genius of experimental writing and his works have influenced the way that writers think about their craft both from inside the writing process and in how their readers will be affected by their expression. The author of Ulysses—which has been named by some as the greatest novel of the 20th Century—and several other works of Literature that have virtually defined the technique known as stream-of-consciousness writing is placed among the greatest of writers of all time. Yet, to other critics and authors, Joyce's body of work simply focuses on form, rather than content. Succesful author of several worldwide bestselling novels, Paolo Coelo, said recently in speaking about Joyce's influence on writing, "Today writers want to impress other writers...one of the books that caused great harm was James Joyce's Ulysses, which is pure style. There is nothing there. Stripped down, Ulysses is a twit."
—The Guardian: Monday, 06 August 2012 ( Read MORE of Paul Coelo's opinion HERE!)

Historically, the opinions on Joyce's writings have never ceased from being varied. Many considered his work to be both novel and creative while others, simply put, hated it—defining his writings as inaccessible. English science fiction author, H.G. Wells, wrote a review (Published in The New Republic in 1917) of Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as A Young Man saying, "It is a book to buy and read and lock up, but it is not a book to miss." —The New Republic: 10 March 1917 ( Read H.G. Wells Review HERE!)

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